Why AWS?

Active Water Solutions technology is designed around sustainability, effectiveness, and user convenience. With no return activated sludge or mechanized clarifiers, AWS units are not only easier to operate but are also far less susceptible to mechanical issues. Startup is so easy, in fact, that within 3 days a new operator can begin helping to produce EPA quality effluent for a wide variety of applications. AWS designed a scalable solution. So whether your goal is to start small and expand or to increase the capacity of an existing plant, AWS can help.  



  • Gravity flow system with minimal moving parts
  • Achieves Type II effluent quality - less than 10mg/I BOD, 15mg/I TSS, and 3mg/I NH4-N
  • Achieves Type I effluent quality - less than 5mg/I BOD, 5mg/I TSS and 3mg/I NH4-N with tertiary filtration
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Multiple installation options - above or below grade
  • Technology can be retrofit into existing plants
  • 20+ year service life with coating options available for an 80+ year service life
  • Significantly reduced sludge production and automatically captured for storage and disposal
  • Proven technology that meets the “ten-states” standards