The Active Water Solutions advantage

Utilizing fixed-bed biofilm technology for wastewater treatment, Active Water Solutions has developed a more effective alternative to activated sludge (AS) suspended growth systems. Our submerged fixed-bed biofilm reactor (SFBBR) leverages the commercial success of this technology, proven and used in Europe for decades, to treat domestic wastewater. The treatment units are simple to operate & maintain, as the gravity flow design and robust growth do not need a return activated sludge component to keep the bacteria happy and healthy. This also reduces operation and maintenance requirements and makes the unit capable of easily handling variations in volume and concentration. The footprint is often much smaller than AS systems and produces less sludge. What sludge is produced is compact and has good settling characteristics.

The AWS prefabricated portable packaged system arrives ready to hook up to an influent source, no other fabrication needed. It is ideally suited for communities ranging from 100 to 1,500 people and can produce Type I and Type II effluent water quality for reclamation or reuse. Typical applications include residential developments, capacity replacement/addition for existing WWTFs, hotels, resorts, work camps, disaster relief and military deployments. Multiple units can be installed for higher capacities or retrofitted into existing concrete AS plants.

Want to see it all unfold?  Take a look at what it takes to deliver an Active Water Solutions unit from start to finish in the video below:


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