Water Reuse: Recycling Our Most Vital Resource

The tragic reality of water and its consumption not only here in the United States but in every part of the world is that we view it as a luxury rather than a necessity. Clean and viable drinking water is something that every part of the world should be entitled to.
Did you know that world leaders and global intelligence agencies predict that future global warfare will be launched over the access to water? It is a strange yet forthcoming result of how important water is now and will be in the future. Furthermore, with populations escalating and millions of gallons of water being withdrawn from the United States on a daily basis water, reuse is quickly becoming a major contender for public and private water works.

It is widely acknowledged that self-sustaining agriculture will become the norm as populations grow and prices on food rise. Fruits and vegetables (among other goods that are harvested) comprise the largest consumer of water even in developing countries. 
Consequently, the next question that must be posed is how do we depend on water when more and more people will require on it in the future?

Water reuse (is not a solve-all solution to a growing water epidemic, however, it can vastly improve our expanding water crisis. Reclaimed waste may sound like a dirty word, but the truth is this recycled water goes through a strict reclamation and treatment process to remove pathogens and other toxins before it is reused. With a growing number of advanced technologies on the market today, there are many ways we can now treat and reuse water that is more cost effective and safe than ever before.

Industries are beginning to acknowledge as well as adapt to water shortages. For example, it has been acknowledged that industrial water usage has dropped by 36 percent from the 50s to the 90s. There is certain hope that the trend will continue in the future.

So where do we go from here?

Recycling has long been the norm for plastic, cardboard and other products – why not water? Water reuse is slowly being accepted by a mass audience though the progress may not be improving as much as some may prefer.

Many advanced technologies are quickly becoming the leaders in water reuse for industrial and agricultural applications. Active Water Solutions has spent years developing state of the art technology that will allow companies to reuse and recycle their water with the idea that onsite treatment is more cost-effective and efficient than traditional techniques. This allows companies to cut disposal costs as well purchasing water cost.

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