Wastewater Recycling to Increase by 37% by 2027


The general water supply has become a huge problem lately, so more and more investments are being targeted towards new water reuse or wastewater solutions. According to a new report issued by Bluefield Research, estimates show that expenditure for alternative capacity solutions in the municipal water sector in the U.S. will exceed $2.1 billion in the upcoming decade. 

According to Bluefield Research Director, Erin Bonney Casey water reuse solutions have become the prime focus for the US municipal utilities.  In fact, the municipal utilities are constantly looking for alternative options and strategies that would save the existing supplies of water. The director also points out that Bluefield Research has been monitoring about 247 water reuse projects in 11 US states in 2015. By this year, the number of these projects increased dramatically, from 247 to 775 across 19 US states. 

Florida, Texas, and California represent the core players regarding reuse activity. Even though the state of California saw a huge increase of rainfalls last year, the utilities have still gone further by adding 6.0 million m3/d of innovative water reuse facilities and supplies. Bluefield Research estimates that utilities will add supplies of potable water exceeding 2.2 million m3/d in the upcoming 10 years, especially in urban areas of the US. 

Bonney Casey further highlights the importance of a powerful potable reuse policy. California regulators seem to be the leaders in adopting such a strong policy, which will basically serve as a role model for all other states. Municipal reuse investments will likely increase by 15% in the upcoming decade, and water reuse solutions will represent a very important opportunity for growth across many sectors.  In the upcoming 10 years, the greatest majority of Capital Expenditure intended for reuse will be redirected towards pipes strategies (up to 42%), while the remainder will go towards engineering & design or advanced treatment solutions. 
The general market request for potable water solutions is quite high. Even more so, both national and foreign investors see advanced systems as the best opportunities for growth. It seems that the increased request for potable solutions, together with market growth is most beneficial to companies offering advanced technological solutions such as osmosis or bioreactor systems. 

Recycled wastewater usage was limited to uses in agriculture, golfing or green spaces. Today, wastewater seems to be present across many industrial applications and fields, such as data centers, for toilet/cooling systems in commercial spaces, or even in craft breweries. The future of reclaimed wastewater is not limited to use in municipal utilities, but treated wastewater will become precious in settings such as oil refineries, gas companies, power plants and more. 

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