Supporters Pursue Funding for Water Reuse Infrastructure 


On March 20, 2017, WaterReuse supporters from across the country gathered in our nation’s capital during 2017’s Water Week at an event titled, The National Water Policy Fly-In, to bring awareness to Congress and the presidential administration about the necessity of prioritizing water campaigns. The organization has decided to partner with water recycling organizations that share similar interest and support for the issue – together they work to emphasize the significance of water as a resource as well as the infrastructure that will be needed in the future to sustain the inevitable implementation of water recycling systems. 

The availability of a clean and consistent water supply is crucial in maintaining the health and well-being of communities. Without the presence of clean, safe water, the population falls prey to illness and poor quality of life – the conditions are simply unlivable. The reuse of water has the potential to provide communities with a sustainable source designed to meet their needs for farming and agriculture, energy production, operation of commercial manufacturing plants, and consumption. The practice is steadily gaining widespread support.

The need for improvement of infrastructure in the form of roads and bridges is known and typically accepted, but neglected is the infrastructure for sustainability through water reuse. The project is pertinent to growing the economy as it is a piece of the proverbial puzzle in securing a sound and reliable infrastructure that our country can rely on. 

Attendees of Water Week 2017 remain focused on advocating for policies that will be employed at a national level to secure affordable solutions for providing clean, safe water sources for America’s population. On March 22, key members of Congress attended a rally held to put pressure on lawmakers to move forward in pursuing solutions that will ultimately provide clean water for all of America. 

Strengthening the engagement between government and the water industry, Water Week was designed with the goal of forming a partnership that will extend beyond the event, leading participants to be hopeful for the future, assured by the progress they have achieved thus far. Advocates will continue to educate policymakers on the importance of an investment in water infrastructure by continuing to provide research that they hope will compel them to act accordingly. 

Given the benefits of wastewater treatment and reuse, it is likely that we will see the movement become more widespread as time presses forward. If you are interested in learning more about the latest advanced wastewater treatment technologies contact us today.