Our Biggest Water Crisis To Come


As the population of the United States and the world keeps growing, more pressure is put on our water resources. There are very few individuals that don’t think that we will eventually have some sort of water resource issue in the near future.

The United States Geological Survey has been running a long term survey asking this very question. What will be the biggest water problem in the coming years? To date, there have been over 83,000 participants and respondents to the survey from across the United States.  The survey asks the participants to choose from five answers to that question. 

  • We will not have enough water

  • Our water will be too polluted

  • Drinking water will be unsafe

  • Water systems will break down

  • There won’t be a water problem

When looking at the state to state answers its astounding to see the huge variance in answers based on geographic location. California resident’s response was overwhelmingly in favor of the idea that we will not have enough water with 41% of them choosing this answer.

The Western half of the US is already in the midst of not having enough water in many locations, a true present crisis. While 37% of Colorado residents responded that they didn’t think the US has a water problem at all.  What we found most interesting was that largest total response of all fifty state with 39% of the total votes went to the idea that our water will be too polluted in the next 10 years.

While pollution is certainly a major issue that we all must concern ourselves with, there are technologies out there that can certainly help fight and solve our pollution problems. There are Innovative technologies that have been developed to help combat pollution while conserving water that is efficient, effective and to be deployed.

What do you think our biggest water crisis will be in the next 10 years? Take the quiz and see how others voted. If you are interested in learning more about technologies that help solve some of our most serious water problems, contact us today. We’re revolutionizing the way we treat water, one gallon at a time.