New Legislature in California Shows Increase in Awareness for Water Conservation


In California, bills have been introduced to mitigate future water crises from causing a widespread negative impact on the golden state. After having faced one of the longest, most damaging droughts in its history, California’s residents have experienced and learned first-hand the consequences of drought and the importance of water conservation efforts. In a state like California where water scarcity is a very present and recurring issue, the shift in usage behavior is extremely vital to the state’s well-being and sustainability – and though the drought has come to an end, Californians aren’t taking a naïve approach to their times of water availability. 

During the drought, the awareness of the importance of water conservation wasn’t the only thing taking place. The widespread lack of water sparked a motivation to prevent similar water shortages from occurring again. Making note of climate change and the rapidly growing population and the inability to meet the demand of the state when sourcing water from rivers and aquifers, officials decided that it was time for a change.

During the drought, Californians stepped up to the plate and displayed an ability to significantly reduce water consumption as awareness for the need of water efficiency and conservation grew. In recognition of the need for this awareness to propel water conservation efforts forward, Connect the Drops businesses are supporting a new set of bills and proposals for funding that would allocate monies to be dedicated to remedying California’s water crises. 

Where new technology and water treatment plants require a great deal of time and money to implement, Californians have proven their ability to conserve water and reduce the depletion of water from other sources. The new bills will support the widespread conservation of water as well as the collection of water that is conducive to healthier soil and increased crop production. Additionally, the bill directs urban water municipalities to evaluate their water sources and put into place a definitive plan that would sustain their cities in the event of another drought, ensuring that adequate supplies would be accessible in times of need. 

The legislative initiatives are anticipated to provide fewer disruptions in water availability to the consumers while ensuring that efforts are being made to remedy a long-standing problem, long-term. Promising sound solutions, the bills will not only prepare the state for drought before it strikes, but it will better enable the state to respond if a drought does occur. 

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