Increasing Demand for Packaged Water Treatment Systems Globally


According to QY Research Report titled ‘2017-2022, the water and wastewater treatment systems market is projected to vastly and steadily expand over the next few years.  Plants for packaged water and wastewater treatment are consequently expected to grow in number due to population growth and new implementation of regulatory standards. The need for clean water is pressing as packaged wastewater treatment is crucial for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.     

What are Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants?  They are pre-manufactured treatment facilities that treat the wastewater in communities or individual property.  They include aeration plants, sequencing batch reactors, oxidation ditches, contact stabilization plants, rotating biological contractors, and physical/chemical processes.  

A rise in global population has created its own set of issues with large quantities of untreated wastewater being disposed into bodies of water globally.  Aside from consumer demand, the government and international organizations feel the pressure with many of the environmental pollution issues, forcing them to impose some stricter and more robust regulations. The market will need swift advances in technology as the world becomes more aware of the consequences of pollution. The biggest driver is the building of awareness about what careless discharge of wastewater into bodies of waters is what the dumping does to the environment and the huge impact it can have on communities. 

The next big hurdle will be skilled labor to handle new technologies involved with packaged wastewater systems.  However, national and international bodies are determined to invest in this these packaged wastewater systems which could solve this issue. 

Countries at the forefront of this mission include Asia Pacific which is expecting a significant growth rate over the next few years, North America which is seeking governmental involvement, regional parts of Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.  

Active Water Solutions is a major player in the packaged wastewater treatment sector. With their innovative solutions for rural and decentralized locations, they are a perfect fit for most communities globally. 

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