Implementing Wastewater Solutions - Common Misconceptions

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The internet is full of experts and news articles. Some articles come from quality sources and some from poor sources. Some propagate less-than-authentic information. This is a severe problem because misinformation amidst water crises can be catastrophic for the economy & the environment.

Many large economies in the world are facing drought-like conditions. For example, just in the U.S.A., if you have traveled to the state of California, you’ll see various notices encouraging people to save water everywhere.

How does misinformation factor in? Businesses do not know that implementing wastewater treatment can benefit them while helping improve the environment. No one will aim to solve a problem if they do not believe the challenges exist. Misinformation about the water crisis in specific regions can lead to ignoring proper long-term solutions and preventive measures.

Wastewater treatment and re use is a strong defense against the ongoing water crisis. Wastewater treatment converts effluents to functionally useful water which can be tremendously beneficial for the company which can save money and improve environment.

Small & medium business are particularly affected by the lack of water resources as buying water significantly strains their upkeep.

Misconceptions are the reason why businesses do not feel the need to upgrade their water systems and production facilities.

What are the common misconceptions regarding wastewater treatment?

  • Businesses need to know everything about their effluent streams - professionals exist to assess this. The burden of this is not always on the company.

  • Wastewater treatment is expensive and therefore not worth it - the environment needs your support in treating wastewater. Many are implementing upgrades in the water systems which, in the long term, can save money for the company.

  • The upgrade will not benefit the company - Today; safe environmental practices create trust in the eyes of customers. Some industries can reuse treated water and even minimize expenditure after an upgrade.

  • The business has to know what system is appropriate - No, the experts figure that out. That’s why they are there to help guide you towards the right solution.

  • They have to divert employees to monitor the upgrades or hire someone new - Wastewater treatment companies offer that, so businesses don’t have to tax their human resources.

The solution to these misconceptions:

There are companies such as Active Water Solutions which address all misconceptions and design a suitable method to make wastewater treatment upgrades. AWS conducts pilot studies, thorough testing, even send monitoring agents. Their upgrades are automated and very easy to maintain. They provide a variety of leasing and purchase options, so the companies revenue is not strained inappropriately.

The benefits of implementing wastewater treatment solutions:

  • Customized & scalable implementation keep up with the growth of the business

  • Easy, streamlined maintenance & operations training

  • Elimination of compliance and regulatory problems

  • Reduce overall energy expenditure

  • Reduce water consumption

Interested in learning more about advanced wastewater treatment and reuse solutions that are simple to operate and cost effective? Contact Active Water Solutions today.