How to Utilize Reclaimed Water for Industrial Uses

Reclaiming water (recycling water) is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, and replenishing a groundwater basin. Currently, the United States reclaims only about 7 to 8 percent of municipal wastewater. That’s not a large amount which leaves us with an opportunity for much improvement. 

Reclaimed water for industrial uses can provides many benefits for organizations. For one, energy is saved. If water is reclaimed on-site or nearby, it reduces the energy used to move water longer distances or pump water from an aquifer. Using reclaimed water for purposes that do not need high quality water like flushing a toilet reduces the energy required to treat the water.

Using reclaimed water can also have cost-saving benefits. However, the costs depend on the water quality required. The higher the quality, the high the cost to treat the water.

Reclaiming water also provides environmental benefits. Water will not be taken away from ecosystems where it is essential for living. It will also decrease waterway discharges and water pollution.

But how can you reclaim water for your industrial processes? WEF provides some uses for reclaiming industrial water.

  1. Cooling Processes

    1. Reclaimed water is perfect for use in cooling processes like cooling industrial towers. The water is used to cool down the towers, evaporating in the process. It is important to keep an eye on biological regrowth and mineral buildup in the towers while using reclaimed water.

  2. Water Boilers

    1. Reclaimed water can be used in boilers. The water will have to be pre-treated similar to conventional potable water. Make sure to look out for scale buildup as that could cause the water boilers to corrode. If analyzed regularly, reclaimed water can effectively be used in boilers.

  3. High-Tech Manufacturing

    1. Reclaimed water can be used in high-tech manufacturing such as the semiconductor industry for circuit boards and microchips. The water must be pre-treated like when used in water boilers.

  4. Prepared Food Manufacturing

    1. Prepared food manufacturing uses a ton of water, especially if irrigation is involved. Water can be reclaimed by going through multiple levels of treatment. This makes the water drinking quality and allows for companies to reduce their water waste.

Reclaimed water can also be used in other processes like irrigation and agriculture, concrete mixing, construction processes, toilet flushing and public parks.

In all, reclaiming water has many benefits from financial to environmental. Depending on your industrial needs, not all of these may be of manageable. However, reclaiming as much water as possible is a great step in helping the environment and your company itself.

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