Global Increase in Packaged Water Treatment Systems

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Market research provider Market Research Future has just released an in-depth report detailing information about the Global Packaged Water Treatment System Market (GPWTSM). Based on the information and data the GPWTSM is projected to experience a period of expansion over the next six years resulting in 11% growth above the compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Overall gross is anticipated to top $22 billion by the year 2022. 

But what does this mean for businesses in this sector? 

There is a broad range of factors resulting in this projected growth, not least of which is an increased overall interest in preserving and protecting the environment. As environmental impact and issues like global warming move to the forefront of public discourse, government bodies are beginning to set increasingly strict regulations for the disposal of wastewater in communities everywhere. As a result, the interest and demand for portable solutions that dramatically decrease the time involved in processing wastewater rise significantly. Solutions like these can be quickly brought to rural areas and towns with less cost and less intensive installation. 

Population Growth & Water Scarcity
Another reason for this projected expansion is an overall growth in populations all over the world, communities in need of safe, clean and low-cost water treatments. As cities become more engorged with people and rural areas expand as well, these areas are in need of sustainable treatments for drinking water to ensure consistent service to their residents while keeping tabs on expenditures.

Finally, fresh water supplies are becoming increasingly difficult to access and utilize. Droughts in areas like California have shown that readily available sources of drinking water are no longer a given, and many municipalities are searching for more reliable solutions for their residents’ needs.

Fast Growing Regions
When it comes to which regions are the largest and fastest growing, there are few surprises. North America is listed as first, followed closely behind by Africa and the Middle-east region. The projected high growth in North America is due largely in part to the droughts and water needs in areas like California and Arizona, as well as government regulations.

Technology Solutions
Treatment systems that can amplify processing by reuse and even initial processing of water sources at the least cost will soon be in even higher demand as we face more and more severe drought zones. Advanced technologies such as Active Water Solutions (AWS) wastewater treatment and reuse systems, have proven to be capable of cutting costs while providing superior water treatment in decentralized locations, globally.

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