Flagstaff Conducts Wastewater Brew Beta Test


Would you guzzle down a beer with your buddies if the beer you held in your hand had been brewed using treated wastewater? A practice that would turn most people’s heads is now being implemented in several breweries across Flagstaff, AZ in an effort to promote acceptance of the use of treated wastewater for consumption and to educate the public about the treatment process. 

The eye-catching, ‘Pure Water Brew truck’ is highly recognizable by Flagstaff residents and frequently makes its way throughout the city. The first of its kind, the mobile wastewater treatment truck makes its rounds patrolling the city and purifying, looking for opportunities to enlighten the public on the widespread environmental benefits of implementing the treatment and reuse of water that was once considered waste and not fit for repurposing. More recently the truck made a stop at the Rio de Flag facility to put on an educational demonstration, taking the time to give the public the opportunity to get up close and personal with the equipment used to mobile treat wastewater – transforming it into pure, potable water fit for general public consumption.

Public water officials and supporters are hopeful that the integration of the treated wastewater and its purification process will gain popularity throughout the community because of its potential to mitigate some of the water supply issues that currently plague the desert region. Affectionately termed the ‘Pure Water Brew Challenge’ by supporters, it’s looking like locals are going to have to come around to the idea of their favorite brews being created with treated water that has been reclaimed from storm runoff and other sources since a large portion of the breweries in the area have committed to the challenge. 

As technology and water treatment capabilities continue to develop and make forward progress, this method of pure water acquisition will continue to become more familiar – and eventually, a household understood concept; we’ll be enjoying more than a reclaimed water beer. 

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