Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plants - Meeting the Needs of Rural Communities

With populations growing and more and more people wanting to live in rural communities, smaller towns are beginning to feel the push of how to solve their wastewater treatment issues. Decentralized wastewater treatment systems are a way to solve the issues at hand.

A decentralized system can be a combination of on-site and/or cluster systems and is used to treat and dispose of wastewater from dwellings and businesses close to the source. One of the key factors of a decentralized wastewater systems is that it allows for flexibility in wastewater management. A decentralized system can allow enable different parts of the system to be combined into a series of processes to meet treatment goals, overcome site conditions, and to address environmental protection requirements.

Decentralized wastewater systems are viable, long-term alternatives to centralized wastewater treatment facilities, particularly in small and rural communities where they are often most cost-effective. Decentralized systems already serve nearly half the population in some states and a quarter of the population nationwide. When mid -size communities are looking for solutions to their wastewater treatment needs, a decentralized WWTP should most certainly be considered in the selection process.

One factor that is new to the conversation of decentralized wastewater treatment is the notion of control and management over the effluent produced. At one time the only solution was to release back into the environment but newer technologies are allowing for communities to reuse and recycle the water for use back into the communities.

Water reuse was once considered gross or not acceptable but these days more and more communities, especially in severe drought areas, consider water reuse as a core component to their community’s survival.

With the advent of new innovations in decentralized wastewater treatment plants more and more communities are able to sustain their water needs even as the populations increase. This has huge significant and long term impact for sustainability and growth. Planning now for the future will help all communities weather the changes in our future.

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