AWS Technology Showcased at IFAT

Sustainability, resource-efficiency and conservation are at the top of everyone’s priorities list these days.  There is one place that you can find all of the newest innovations around those topics; the annual IFAT tradeshow.  IFAT is the place to learn about the most beneficial and advanced technologies in the world when it comes to all things water. This week, IFAT 2016 is taking place in Munich, Germany. Not only is this the place to see the latest technology advancements in water and wastewater, it’s the place for disruptors to showcase all that the greatest innovations in the hopes of providing a better world for future generations. IFAT is recognized as the tradeshow for machinery and systems in the field of water, sewage, recycling and technology for municipal services. It’s the place to go if you are looking for the best solutions for your water needs.

The IFAT tradeshow covers over 750,000 square feet of exhibition space and has approximately 135,000 visitors from over 160 countries, making IFAT one of the largest water focused tradeshows globally.   IFAT presents a comprehensive overview of the technological solutions and perspectives available from all around the world. This is a great opportunity for industry and municipal authorities to help answer questions that are plaguing our nations around the world including:  How can environmental technologies help you increase your cost-efficiency? How can you recover and re-use resources intelligently? 

IFAT is the perfect place for disruptors like Active Water Solutions to showcase our advanced submerged fixed bed biofilm reactor (SFBBR) system. Not only can it cut operation costs but the AWS technology also provides a cost effective way to reuse water without the expense of building massive infrastructure. This forward thinking advance wastewater treatment technology is helps bridge the gap in drought stricken areas that currently have virtually no available water. AWS was founded on the belief that clean sanitary water conditions should be available to all communities no matter how small. AWS has focused on treating wastewater in an innovative, modular, and scalable way so that clean water is more accessible, for more uses, to more people.

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