AWS Provides Perfect Wastewater Treatment Solution for US Military

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There is a critical need to provide soldiers with healthy, sanitary places to live all while protecting the local environment when deployed overseas. Wastewater treatment is a key component of keeping our military men and women safe. Wastewater that is improperly managed in the processes of establishing, operating, and closing base camps as part of contingency operations poses health risks to soldiers and surrounding communities, as pollutants released through the surface can seep into the groundwater. Reducing the logistical footprint of wastewater treatment while meeting environmental compliance requirements is a key factor for successful units in the field.

Active Water Solutions was engaged by the US Army to design a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that treats 35,000 gallons of domestic wastewater per day. AWS designed a custom WWTP capable of supporting a contingency base of 875 soldiers. In addition, the WWTPs are modular and scalable for bases that host more than 875 soldiers and contractors. The Army installed three AWS WWTPs to accommodate up to 5,500 soldiers and contractors within Iraq. The WWTPs are manufactured within 40’ ISO containers, allowing for quick, efficient, and easy transport at a low cost.  

The military is designed to respond quickly on the battlefield, which requires equipment that can be easily installed, started, operated, and maintained. The AWS Contingency WWTP meets all of those requirements while treating the domestic wastewater generated from soldiers and contractors. The WWTP reduces BOD, TSS, and fecal coliform and has lower energy requirements compared to similar treatment systems.  

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