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Self-Contained Wastewater System For Water Reclamation & Reuse

The Water Phoenix™

Utilizing fixed bed biofilm technology for wastewater treatment, Active Water Solutions has developed a good alternative system to activated sludge (AS) suspended growth systems. Our submerged fixed bed biofilm reactor (SFBBR) leverages the commercial success of this technology, proven and used in Europe for the last 2 decades, to treat municipal and industrial wastewater.

The Water PhoenixTM is simple and extremely easy to operate as it runs without sludge re-circulation and is much better suited for variations in hydraulic flow and loads. The footprint is much smaller and has lower sludge production that is generally compact and has good settling characteristics compared to AS systems.

Side View

The Water Phoenix™ - Side View

Top View

The Water Phoenix™ - Top View

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To obtain further information about our product, The Water Phoenix™, please download a copy of our product specification sheet or contact us and we'll be more than thrilled to tell you all about it. If you are already familiar with our product, The Water Phoenix™, and would like pricing information, please fill out and submit a product worksheet to help us determine what type of unit you will need.

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